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This keyword can be used for all series based technical indicator’s. It will fetch the value of a particular candle in series for two independent instruments and find the difference of the same values. You can thus check the difference in premium of two strikes.

alligator indicator

To learn about scalping indicators, reach out to us at Angel One. Indicators offer essential information on price, as well as on trend trade signals and give indications on trend reversals. The keyword shared above will return the VWAP for the current tick of NIFTY futures. To fetch the data for a particular time frame based on the selected instrument. This keyword returns the RSI of any period of the selected Instrument.

How to Use Alligator Indicator

The faster moving green colored line indicates that the beast is fully satisfied and hence it’s the best time for traders to take their profits. However, one of the disadvantages of this particular indicator Put Options Tutorial is that it makes it difficult to read the fresh or opening signals at the right time. Also, the period when the alligator is sleeping is when all the three balance lines are entwined or closed.

Further, this lag functions as a filter and helps eliminate insignificant and false signals. The indicator will flash false positives when the three lines are crisscrossing each other repeatedly, due to choppy market conditions. According to Williams, the alligator is sleeping at this time, telling market players to remain on the sidelines until it wakes up once again. The Alligator indicator can also help traders designate impulse and corrective wave formations, but the tool works best when combined with a momentum indicator. In the first stage, the Alligator is asleep and the three smoothed moving averages are at the same point.

  • Jaw is a 13-period smoothed moving average that is shifted 8 bars into the future.
  • During the flat market, all three lines are close together.
  • In the above image, Suppose Nifty futures is 17480, ATM strike will return 17500.

Scalping is defined as a style of trading in which traders attempt to book profits off small changes in prices, typically after executing a trade and becoming profitable. Such traders generally trade with a strict, pre-planned exit strategy since a single massive loss can most likely eliminate their many small gains, obtained with hard work. The keyword shared above will check for a condition when the close crosses above the Supertrend of Nifty 50 on the daily candle.

This keyword returns the Linear Regression Slope of any period of any series of the selected Instrument. This keyword returns the Linear Regression of any period of any series of the selected Instrument. In the example share above, we will fetch the High on the previous (-1) Line Break 5 mins candle with price lines as 3 for Nifty 50 spot.

Net Quantity

The trend’s direction can be identified as and when there is a movement in the balance lines. When the green line moves beyond the slower line it indicates a buying signal. If each of the three widens and moves higher, it implies that the market is witnessing an upward trend. In case the lines move down as well as widens after a selling signal, it means there is a downward trend in the market. With the conclusion of the market trend, the lines come together.

This keyword will fetch the maximum loss achieved by the strategy during one run counter of the same. Max loss is a strategy level keyword and will take into account the total realized and unrealized loss of all positions taken. Max loss should ideally be multiplied with the multiplier as shown in the image below in the Universal exit of a strategy. Moving average convergence divergence is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price.


Traded Instrument name can be selected in many keywords like LTP, EMA, or any indicator to apply that keyword on the traded instrument. The RSI provides technical traders with signals about bullish and bearish https://1investing.in/ price momentum, and it is often plotted beneath the graph of an asset’s price. This keyword will return profit/loss of the strategy for that counter for only the instrument that has been selected here.

We are also looking for the same to execute only if its 930AM. In this case logically speaking, the number of open positions returned should be 1. However the Tradetron engine will not consider the open positions as 1 and will return 3 as it detects three unique entries.

The above image shows how to fetch the maximum OI strike for Nifty 50, current week call options. The above image shows how to fetch the max OI strike for Nifty Bank, current month put options. Since we are performing a mathematical operation on two series values, you need to use Position keyword here and select math series operation in the same. This keyword is used to perform a mathematical operation on two series data types.

How does an Alligator indicator work?

It uses three moving averages, set at five, eight, and 13 periods. The three moving averages comprise the Jaw, Teeth, and Lips of the Alligator. The indicator applies convergence-divergence relationships to build trading signals, with the Jaw making the slowest turns and the Lips making the fastest turns.

Greetings Colleagues Following some recommendations and ideas I share this moving average, put all of them together The length calculation is automatic there is only one input. The length is inverse so it will wrap from the longest reference point, hence using phi Moving averages will wrap around the price. Hello I’ve decided that the alligator lines can be used to find a trend. This script expands on that and checks 10 different multipliers to see trend over the long term and have 10 values. Those 10 values each give a color to one of the 10 lines in turn giving this Fire like plotting.

Traded Instrument Name

The great thing about this approach, is we instantly observe the majority are in agreement and that decides which way to place our trade. I wanted Alligator but with lips, more sensitive to the latest data instead of the whole period. Bill Williams indicators are simple and quite self-sufficient, however, are most often used together. An Indicator based on the William Alligator, helping to find suitable entry and exit points. Use indicators after downloading one of the trading platforms, offered by IFC Markets.

How do you read an alligator indicator?

The alligator is a combination of moving averages or balance lines on the chart. The first balance line is called the Jaw. The second balance line is called the Lips and the third one is called the Teeth. These lines help us to identify when there is no trend in the market. It also helps us in understanding when the trend is forming and in which direction. When these lines are close together it denotes no trend. On the other hand, when these balance lines are far from each other it denotes a strong trend in the market.

Traders may take the profit before starting to lose on a correction, they should close the position as soon as a red bar on the Oscillator histogram appears. Williams approached the current behavior of the market instead of looking at past behavior to determine future outcomes. His indicators are designed to detect changes in the traders’ collective behavior that lead to the formation of new trends. The Alligator Forex indicator consists of three moving averages called jaws, teeth and lips. Each of them has its own color and is responsible for a certain stage in the development of the market. It consists of three lines, overlaid on a pricing chart, that represent the jaw, the teeth and the lips of the beast.

You can input the underlying instrument, expiry and option type. Your request will be processed and a numeric response will be fetched. This keyword can also be used in the strike fx of the position builder. After a trend has been formed, traders can use the Alligator indicator to remain in their position and take necessary steps thereafter.

In the above image, Suppose Nifty futures is 17480, ATM strike will return 17500. These keyword can be used along with other keywords to create a logic based on the same indicator. 3) The Alligator’s Lips is a 5-period SMA, moved into the future by 3 bars. I got a lot of work experience working for many brokers in London and NYC.

This moving average is the first to react to changes in the balance of power of buyers and sellers in the market. Using intraday trading indicators help in averting risk and placing appropriate trades based on technical analysis and market sentiments. Angel One offers detailed charts and stock analysis reports that comprise these trading indicators. These tools help in planning an effective trading strategy, while minimizing risks. For derivative instruments, like futures and options which have expiries, selecting these field will enable the Tradetron engine to check conditions in the relevant expiry. When selecting Nifty 50 and Nifty Bank, when you select ‘Current month expiry’ you will fetch the futures of the same.

alligator indicator

So the entry point should be placed at the nearest fractal, lying above the Alligator lines. Place the stop-loss behind the level of the nearest opposite fractal, lying below the Alligator lines. There is another trading system similiar to alligator system take a look below.

The tooth line is an 8-period SMA that travels five bars into the future. All this can tell traders about the direction of the trend. I have traded Alligator and my experience is it is wonderful in trending markets but chops in sideways market. Bill Williams Profitunity has added a few things in it like profit taking and reversal in case of steep move etc to the original Alligator. Scalping indicators can prove helpful while executing trades. That said; you can learn about these indicators with time and experience with the help of an excellent trading platform and advisory services.

Which indicator works best with Alligator?

The Alligator indicator can also help traders designate impulse and corrective wave formations, but the tool works best when combined with a momentum indicator. In the example to follow, the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is used for this purpose.

Using the above cases we are trying to point to the fact that position detail can be used effectively to check if certain positions are taken or not taken. Based on the same you get granular logical control over the positions being taken by your strategy at every point. In the example share above, the system will trigger and exit when the PNL of all HDFCBANK instruments are greater than or equal to 500. This keyword will help you fetch the Open, High, Low, Close or Volume of any particular timeframe. It is important to execute the ORB keyword only after the mentioned time has passed. Thus it is suggested to add a time condition along with the ORB condition as an AND.

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