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Many people visit Phnom Sar Sear from Kep – a series of three mountains with numerous fascinating caves. The most popular caves are Phnom Ach Prochiev and Phnom Dorei Sar, which also houses a mountain well. As well as caves, the mountain is home to nuns, monks and a Buddhist pagoda. Kep Butterfly Garden is another place to visit in the national park.

What happens when two black holes collide?

It is possible for two black holes to collide. Once they come so close that they cannot escape each other's gravity, they will merge to become one bigger black hole.

Performances by Galantis, Above & Beyond, Aquaria, Gottmik, Violet Chachki, SG Lewis, Spencer Brown, LP Giobbi, Ty Sunderland, and 20+ artists and performers will be livestreamed into Decentraland. The live event will take place at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, NY on June 25th. Web3 community, MyBFF, will present community-designed floats that will dazzle the senses. Started by 100+ leaders across industries, BFF is an open-access community with a mission to help women and non-binary people get educated, connected, and empowered in Web3.

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The house next door might be empty, but for the occasional light, the delusion of laughing people scurrying past my garden hedge. The one thing I’ve really enjoyed about lockdown is the visibility of ‘ordinary’ people engaged in normal creativity, on the tv screens that have become such an integral part of our homes. By normal I mean the things we, potentially, all do – the arts and crafts, the music, the … Tucked in behind the council offices and the police station is the Bee Garden. You can get to it through the grounds of the Arts Centre …

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As well as a dome housing a multitude of brightly coloured butterflies, there is a nursery showing all stages of butterfly development. The butterfly garden also has benches and what is airswap koi ponds in quiet corners, perfect for peace and reflection. It’s possible to get to Kep’s other, much less developed islands from either Koh Tonsay or the mainland at Kep.

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Donning my DAO identity I assume the right to be there confident that I can make something of it but Lee Bul confounds me, sees me struggle to review once and again and throw papers at the scrap bin. My only hope now is to summarize from my pen photos, relics from the day, and hope to find a pattern and an opinion where there is no pattern or opinion to be found, Hence recourse to something I’m led to believe is poetry. Gini was awarded a Diverse Perspectives commission to make creative responses to conversations with artists and audiences at Salisbury Arts Centre over a three-month residency during summer / autumn 2012. The series of extended poems, which Gini produced as scrolls, give a creative insight into peoples’ reactions to work exhibited and …

What is at the bottom of a black hole?

According to our best theory of gravity, Einstein's theory of general relativity, your spaghettified body would eventually end up at a 'singularity' – an infinitely small and dense point at the 'bottom' of the black hole.

Anyone can launch their own blockchain with no programming required with public blockchains as a service . @EqualT4all @StonewallOut @BBCWomansHour @HadleyFreeman Trustees aren’t hired. The other reason people come to Kep is for the crab, and the Crab Market is the place to go to try it. The fish market is next door to a row of restaurants serving up fresh crab seasoned with Kampot pepper.

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The colours, the gleam on the red bell-peppers, … Washed my face mask, cleaned my eye protectors. I had not actually left my property for 102 days. There was no urgent reason to set out on this particular … I’ve been doing most of my shopping online – just essentials. There have been no frivolous fripperies, until the leggings.

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That’s why we need to be always up to date with best Solidity practices making those assets as secure as we want them to be. Bellow, I have gathered a bunch of useful tools and practices that helped our dedicated development teams in increasing the quality of our blockchain development services. Smart Contracts are considered to be the second generation of the blockchain. They are scripts executed and stored in the blockchain, designed to have their storage and execution calls all publicly available and verifiable by the community without the need of a single authority that controls it.

The goal of this article is to present some of the Ethereum-specific Solidity potential vulnerabilities and implementation security flaws along with their real-world impact. It will provide you static analysis tools and best practices that will help you avoid a number of serious bugs. From time to time I get an invite from the Hayward Gallery to attend Press Views.

Making: ‘Worth Fighting For’ / 9 June 2015

Smart contracts’ code is immutable once deployed, so patching any discovered bugs is impossible. What’s more – Solidity has a number of language-specific vulnerabilities like unintended recurrence (mentioned re-entrancy attack), gas limit, an illusion of randomness, etc. A good example of such vulnerability was the Parity wallet’s hack – public initWallet function which changes the contract owner – allowing attackers to steal $31M worth of Ether. There are stages in my practice where the artwork production can get a little, dare I say it, tedious?

What is stronger than a black hole?

The most powerful supernova yet recorded (ASSASN-15lh) was 22 trillion times more explosive than a black hole will be in its final moments. It doesn't matter how small or how massive a black hole is, their closing fireworks are exactly the same. The only difference is how long it will take a black hole to explode.

ZEP coin launched into the crypto community in April this year and has bought a revolutionary way of investing and income generation. Auto-yield DeFi coin Zeppelin.dao has attracted 100,000 investors since its launch in April. A new project could inflate its fully diluted value simply by allowing for a huge number of future coins or tokens. A fully diluted market capitalisation is the total value of the crypto at the latest price if the entire future supply of coins were in circulation. @musicsthshields @ElaineMahon13 @suemitch2017 @Keir_Starmer Tories nearly crash pension funds, raise loads of taxes and slash public services to the bone, but don’t worry the ICO cheers you up.

I learned this back at the rehab unit after my op, it puts less pressure on the spine. Overwhelmed with giddiness I roll back down onto my bed. One week in and I managed to place an online grocery order – just before the supermarket ran out of capacity.

zep dao

PancakeSwap is a well-designed DEX that offers a variety of methods to earn capital with plenty of tokens, farms and pools. Having been audited by CertiK, it is a trustworthy and relatively secure exchange for users looking to capitalise on the volatile cryptocurrency market. While there is no customer support on the PancakeSwap website, there are several social media channels that can be used to contact the team or community for help.

The Global LGBTQIA+ Community Finds a Home in the Metaverse

That’s close, oh so close – certainly the closest I’ve got to an arts offer in many months. METAPRIDE LAND will host a twin Pride festival during New York City Pride as well as in Decentraland. Jake Resnicow and Matt Stevenson have partnered to bring the festival to a global audience and to ensure LGBTQIA+ people all over the world are able to celebrate Pride from the safety of their homes.

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  • Metaverse Pride comes at a time when, once again, LGBTQIA+ people are under heightened threat, and it’s more important than ever to support and empower this community.
  • The Aave governance will be responsible for making all the GHO-related decisions.
  • Kep’s former heyday was in the first half of the 1900s, as a favourite holiday spot for French colonialists, and later, wealthy Cambodians, who made it the most prestigious beach town in Cambodia.
  • This coin will desplace in a few years all the coins on the market.

As a seaside resort for Cambodians as well as international visitors, many people choose to spend public holidays in this area. The main event is Khmer New Year, which usually falls in April each year. In Kep, people descend on the beach and the Crab Market to enjoy being outdoors and to indulge in delicious food.

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