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The main goal of every marketing/ advertising activity is to generate profit for the company. Only procuring declarative and imperative statements through your marketing communication does not help to generate profit. Every marketing medium has its unique attribute. According to those attributes we have to plan communication to achieve the desired goal. We provide creative communication as per the requirement of the client and medium of marketing. In today’s era when marketing is expanding largely and competition in the market is tougher than ever before, creative communication helps to stand out in the market.
  • ATL – Above the line is the kind of marketing that has a very broad reach and is largely untargeted.Above the line advertising a wider range of your target audience to provide you with better client engagement. Above the line marketing consists of marketing mediums like radio, television and other digital platforms which are connected to the internet.

  • OOH – Out of Home (OOH) is one of the popular medium of advertising. Out of home advertising consists of advertising which we see outside of our home. While driving through the highway we see large billboards, many public transport vehicles contain stickers of advertisements etc. Outdoor advertising services for our clients to reach out to the target audience who are always on the go.

  • Print – Print is one of the oldest forms of advertisement. Newspapers, magazines are fundamental aspects of print advertising.  Using print advertisement we aim to reach a broader scale of audiences which will result in better engagement.

  • Radio – Radio was the most popular source of advertising in the last century after the evolution of the internet. It’s value decreased in the 21st century. Still it plays a crucial role in advertising and marketing. Using radio platforms to reach the target audience who are always on the road.

  • TVCs – Television Commercials aka TVCs has a broad reach. Thus it is popular among the advertisers. Although it’s one of the expensive mediums and everyone can’t afford it’s popularity has not decreased.  We provide TVCs to help our client reach every household and touch a large scale of potential customers.

  • Stadium branding – Stadium branding can be beneficial for sports and fitness related product and services. Stadium Brandings to be in the eye of every individual attending or watching any activity on a stadium.

  • Event branding – Event branding to reach out to a particular target audience during the span of an event. Events are the main source of crowd generation and we could use those crowd for our promotion and branding.

  • BTL – Below the line marketing is the kind of marketing that targets specific groups of people with focus. Below the Line Marketing is aimed specifically at targeted individuals that have been identified as potential customers. Focusing on a specific potential customers to gain engagement and appeal the right customers.

  • Collaterals- Brand recognition is the first step of brand awareness. Collaterals help to generate brand recognition. Collaterals has an ability to provide a long lasting brand recognition to a brand or business. For the next step after getting in touch with the clients we provide collateral advertisement to keep up their engagement.

  • Space branding – Every space in the world has a potential to deliver promotional messages. Advertisers only need a creative vision to find such a space to promote or advertise product from that space.  Using space branding to boost sales and also increase involvement of the customers.

  • Innovation & experiential ideas-Marketing and advertising has become an extremely competitive sector these days. Experiments and innovation are essential to make a position in the market. Always staying on the top of our game to be innovative and never run out of experimental ideas to grow your business with fun and creative ideas.

  • Stall branding- We help our clients to promote their product, service or business, global to local. Building up strategies to bring a boom in your stall business and approach more potential customers.

  • Experiential Marketing- It is also called engagement marketing. High audience interaction is the most important attribute of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is widely used to create real time audience interaction. We use our creativity to the best to experiment and give new dimensions to your brand.

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