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Packaging keeps your life organized, whether it is your masala bottle with an easy cap, your deterrent powder that comes with a scoop in it, or your large fires that comes with a slight space for your ketchup to go. The things In which we get our things are important!

So, the question is what is Product Packaging? Product Packaging Design refers to designing and presenting an image through Colors, Fonts, Logo and many more designing aspects. A good product packaging is like telling a story of the experience you will have after using the product. This can be done by engaging through sight, touch, smell and various elements depending on the product.

How do we come into the picture?

At Synovative, we have an excellent team of individuals with expertise in Human desires, Market trends, Designing, Copywriting and Marketing which when put together becomes the ultimate touch that you need to boost your sales and build your Brand’s image. We focus on the three main questions of Packaging and build a strategic plan around that to build your Brand’s image.

1-Who is buying the products?

The image and design we create to represent your brand has a lot to do with your target audience. Things like their interests, taste, utilities, convenience and so on. These factors play a crucial role in your product packaging and at Synovative we help you achieve all these requirements.

2-What is the product?

This one’s really basic, it’s about your product. What is it? It’s size? Shape? Usefulness? Design? and so on. Because it is an elementary step many brands skip it, which results in less client engagement, less sales and not enough Brand building. But we never skip a step to your Brand’s success and ensure complete use of our knowledge to grow your business.

3- How are people buying the product?

Many companies miss to differentiate between the packaging they need for physical sales and the packaging they need for online sales. Is the product being sold online, or in a supermarket. If you are going to sell it on different platforms you need different packaging and sales strategy which Synovative provides and much more than that.

There is a lot more to it which we can discuss during a meeting. Contact us and let us get going on a journey to work together and thrive together

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